About the OtrexupTM (methotrexate) injection Support Program

Antares has collaborated with Asembia to bring you TotalCare, the OTREXUPTM Injection Support Program. This unique program allows you to streamline the prescribing and prior authorization process for OTREXUPTM, without facing obstacles such as short-stocked pharmacies.

TotalCare will provide you with a simpler way to obtain benefits verification for your patient's OTREXUP prescription needs. Just enter your patient's prescription and insurance information once and TotalCare will perform not only the benefit's investigation but if needed a prior authorization as well. TotalCare will then help your patient to identify pharmacies in their area approved by their pharmacy insurance carrier that will stock OTREXUPTM. If needed, a pharmacy that is able to perform home delivery will be utilized to provide OTREXUPTM to your patient.

Customer Support
Phone number:
(855) 820-9605
Fax number:
(855) 820-9608
Three Ways to Get Started
  • Submit an electronic prescription to OtrexupTM (methotrexate) injection Support Program through your EMR system by:
  • Selecting ASPN Pharmacies
  • You can search by zip code lookup at 07932 or NCPDP number using 3147863

You can submit an OTREXUPTM prescription request online in 3 simple steps, and TotalCare will take care of the rest!

  1. Log in to this website
  2. Complete and sign the Patient Enrollment form
  3. Click Submit

You may also complete any needed prior authorizations with minimal additional information as well.

  • The enrollment acts as a prescription referral.
  • TotalCare will transfer the approved prescription to an appropriate pharmacy, based on your patient's insurance and geographic location.
  • Your patient will be contacted by the pharmacy for billing and pick-up or shipping arrangements depending on your patient's needs.
  • Your patient will have access to the OTREXUPTM co-pay program, which could lower their co-pay to as low as $0. Additional financial assistance will also be available when needed.
  • Your patient will be guided through the entire process by expert pharmacy personnel.
  • You can opt-in to receive auto-email alerts to inform you of your patient's progress in obtaining OTREXUPTM.

Making Access and Affordability Easier

Prescribing-and insurance-made easy

You now have the option of Fax, Web, or e-prescribing in addition to written prescriptions. We'll take care of everything-including verifying your patient's benefits, obtaining prior authorization approvals, even appeals should prior authorization be denied.

As low as $0 co-pay

Totalcare helps with out-of-pocket costs. Co-pays for commercially insured patient may be as low as $0 for each prescription filled.*

Patient Assistance Program

The TotalCare Patient Assistance program helps eligible Otrexup patients afford their medication. Terms and conditions apply. For more information Click Here.

Free home delivery

TotalCare maximizes patient convenience. Patients are given the flexibility of receiving Otrexup delivered right to their home or, if they prefer, they may pick it up at their favorite local pharmacy-either option usually within 72 hours.

For more details, download an information pdf Here